Vincenzo Manes

Ottobre 2007

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Dynamo Camp di Vincenzo Manes è tra i più grandi progetti di filantropia in Italia

One small step for mankind

I witnessed a moment of history at the dedication of Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Camp Dynamo here in Italy. Newman started his first camp for children with chronic or terminal illnesses 20 years ago,in Connecticut. His idea was that these kids- like all children- just need to 'raise a little hell', believing that 'fun is a great medicine'. Since then, all of the profits from Newman's Own products (his line of popcorn, spaghetti sauces, salad dressings, and other foods) go to these camps and other charities.
Each of the Hole in the Wall Camps is 'owned' by a private philanthropist who is part of the Hole in the Wall association and is responsible for coming up with the funds to buy and run the camp. The person who initiated the Dynamo Camp here in Tuscany is an Italian, Enzo Manes. With this remarkable commitment, Manes has made Italian history. Although Italian corporations and financial institutions make generous contributions to foundations and charities, the idea of individual philanthropy has not been an important part of the Italian culture ...until now.

Nita Tucker, Editor-In-Chief

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